Martech SDKs

Martech SDKs : Part 0 : The Basic App

The vanilla sample app

I have decided to take on a fun learning experience and build a sample iOS app that I can use to integrate Adobe, Google, Facebook, etc. martech SDKs and share the learnings here.

I’m not a developer, I’m a strategist, but I’ve trudged through and learned how to do the basics, so for this project I’m going to assume you know at least the very basics of Swift programming, why we want a martech SDK in our app, how to build and run an app in XCode, etc.

Starting with the sample app, I built a very simple three-tabbed Swift app you can download and follow along with.

So let’s jump in via my Github! To get started, check out: and build and run it in XCode (on a Simulator is fine).

three views in XCode of my sample app
The basic information architecture of my sample app.

You will observe that I have three tabs, Account, Shop, and Support. I picked these because we can demo some of the functionality of the SDKs across these three basic view paradigms.

Go ahead and click through the views. Nothing exciting here, and you should see a whole lotta nothing happening in the logs in XCode.

The main thing I’d like to call out is that I added a viewDidLoad, and a viewWillAppear. My thoughts on why I did this relate to the functionality sending “pageviews” in the future Adobe Analytics implementation. Thoughts on this approach? Overkill, maybe?

Like my GitHub mentions, I plan to do two major forks here; firstly: a Firebase & Google stack, and secondly: an Adobe Experience Cloud stack. If I survive, perhaps I can try some more adtech-related kits.

  • PHASE ONE // Firebase
    • Google Firebase (done)
    • Google Analytics (done)
    • Firebase Crashlytics (done)
    • Firebase A/B Testing
    • Firebase In-App Messaging (done)
  • PHASE TWO // Adobe
    • Mobile Core
    • Profile
    • Adobe Analytics
    • Adobe Target
    • Adobe Campaign Standard
  • REACH GOAL // adtech & misc
    • Google Ads
    • Location Service (Adobe)
    • Facebook Marketing API

Next Up—Martech SDKs : Part 1 : Firebase & Google Analytics

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